Cuddlebugs Arrives at Highlands Regional

Program for new moms really delivers

SEBRING, FL (January 9, 2012) — The Cuddlebugs program was developed to help new and expectant moms prepare for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and provide guidance for newborn care. Services include everything from free childbirth classes, to classes on breastfeeding and what to expect in the labor and delivery process.

"Providing support and guidance to ensure our new moms are confident in their abilities are the driving forces behind Cuddlebugs at HighlandsRegional MedicalCenter,” said Robert G. Mahaffey, CEO, Highlands Regional Medical Center. “Our staff is dedicated to providing engaging, educational opportunities for new moms through Cuddlebugs. In fact, classes are taught by our hospital’s finest labor and delivery nurses,” Mahaffey continued.

Cuddlebugs is designed to ensure that everything will get off to a great start for expectant moms and their babies from the very beginning. New moms have questions and Cuddlebugs provides answers from the earliest stages of pregnancy through post-delivery.

Classes and services focus on the following:

Labor and Deliver (L&D): The various stages and the progression of labor are covered, along with techniques and interventions, such as pain control, positioning and pushing, breathing techniques and prenatal exercise.

Newborn Care: Diapering, bathing, comforting and feeding, along with infant/child CPR are covered.

Breastfeeding: Building your knowledge and comfort level is the goal of this class. Instruction, tips and techniques are shared.

Sibling class: Help your older child adjust to the idea of having a new baby in the family.

Post Partum: Focuses on the changes that will occur following your delivery. We will help you prepare for those changes and teach you how to care for yourself.

"Highlands Regional Medical Center is committed to providing a variety of services for new moms who deliver at our hospital. We have a wide variety of skilled and caring doctors on our staff and will help you choose one that’s right for your family,” concluded Mahaffey.

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